ROGÉRIO TIMÓTEO was born in Anços,
Sintra in 1967.

Interested in Art since early days it was when studying under Mestre Anjos Teixeira for five years that his horizons opened to the art of sculpting. Reinforcing that process, he enrols in the studies of “New marble Technologies” in Vila Viçosa and also in the studies of drawing in Sociedade Nacional de Belas Artes in Lisbon. He currently lives and works near Sintra.

Being born in a region where extraction and transformation of marble has a strong presence this material naturally became his preferred medium for sculpting, not excluding nevertheless approaches to new materials and techniques, such as bronze and more recently resin.
His work has been displayed in 45 individual exhibitions and more than 300 collective exhibitions. He is represented in private collections in Portugal, Switzerland, Germany, United States of America (New York), England (London), France, Poland, Canada, Spain, Uruguay, Australia, Austria, Scotland, Holland, Ireland, Luxembourg, Belgium, Brazil, Peru, Slovakia, Italy, Norway and Iceland.

He created 35 sculptures in public spaces, including 8 large ones:
“Diving” – Linda-a-Velha – Oeiras
“Eternity” – Sintra
“Evolution” – Montelavar – Sintra
“Horizon” – Cascais
“Logos Garden” Conjunto Escultórico – Jardim da Biblioteca de Sintra
“Matrix” – Alto de Carnaxide – Oeiras
“Pulse” – Alto de Carnaxide – Oeiras
“Rits of Passage” – Queluz – Sintra

I search in myself, through layers of time, for the meaning of each gesture. Inevitably I find myself drawing the same lines, modeling the same shape in clay, sculpting the same stone.
I constantly return to the same primordial ideas as if the dozens of works were not enough to explain my feeling. Dissatisfaction inhabits me and leads me to repeatedly look in the matter for the realization of these ideas without, however, being able to glimpse their conclusion.
During the process, in the creative mental phase or in the physical and workshop phase, I am rewarded with brief moments of lucidity and in these few seconds I feel full satisfaction in the realization of the piece, brief seconds that give meaning to my existence.

Rogério Timóteo